We effectively analyze online and offline work and connect the work continuously without unnecessary waste to realize effective work and sales increase of startups.

Online Marketing Analysis ToolWe identify pathways to connect with customers in various ways and extract keywords optimized for marketing through social media big data analysis. This helps you find opportunities to reduce your promotional costs and increase sales.
KAOSS SolutionKAOSS go

Intelligence Web/App & Commerce SystemConsidering the characteristics of work managed on the PC computer and checked in the mobile, we work across the PC and the mobile to build web and mobile designs and systems that enhance the operating company’s productivity and customer experience.

Content Curation ManagementWe store various types of data on the same server, and build the DB(database) to build an optimal knowledge resources that can be accessed anytime when needed. This allows new employees to learn more quickly and reduce the duplication of work for experienced workers.

Hybrid AI ChatbotThe AI chatbot accumulates and analyzes the contents of the CS (customer management) counselor’s repetitive responses to support 24/7 consultation.
Hubrid Chattor

Task Support Platform with AIAI detects meetings and conversations that occur several times a day, finds the files you need, and suggests the suitable services to help you work more effectively.
PaiP Solution